VR Therapy

Relax Therapy 360 Video & Sound... Music by Rika Muranaka

2017/10 RND Entertainment

Resarch and development

2017/10 VR Innovator

Resarch and development

2017/11 RND entertainment

2K HD All in One HMD

2017/10 VR Innovator

VR video and healing music

2017/10 VR Innovator

Fearless D Real VR Drift game

VR Innovator researched and developed a brand new 2k Stand-Alone HMD!
Does not require a cell phone, computer or cable to experience the VR Content.

Price $495.00 plus tax and shipping

VR Therapy 360 VR Healing Video and Music coming soon...

Rika Muranaka : AAA Video Game Music Composer

She released 3 CD’s from Columbia Records infusing a healing method with Sound & Music.

Rika uses 528 khz. Frequency and Vibration to record her music along with 528khz bilateral tone to balance the brainwaves to achieve a relaxing state of mind.

After being immersed for 5 minutes experiencing the VR Video, you begin to relax and your heart rate actually decreases.

Dr. James Kim is using this VR therapy at his clinic .

Westport Ketamine Center

Dr.James Kim is a board certified anesthesiologist since 1995.

Dr.Kim had anesthesia training at University of Chicago and was a director of interventional pain management at Los Angeles VA-UCLA program which produced fellowship trained pain specialists. Dr. Kim was a Diplomate of American Board of Pain Medicine and certified by American Society of Addiction Medicine. Dr.Kim also completed UCLA medical acupuncture program. Dr.Kim is currently Assistant Clinical Professor of Anesthesiology at Yale University School of Medicine.


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